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The Point of No Return

The project is about discovering hidden energy sources within oneself, and moving forward, widening one’s subconscious to the point of no turning back, just like progress and innovation can not be reversed back once discovered and out in the World. The project consists of a series of 3d animations depicting a process of linking with a deep rooted power and forming an everlasting bond with the World full of undiscovered potential and vigour.

Available to purchase as NFTs on SUPERRARE↗

Idea and art direction, model, sound, producers: 

3d artists (3d locations, vfx) :
Volodymur Bosiy
Stefan Batros
Simon Kounovksy

Render farm support:
Xiruim farm

Media support:
Vogue Ukraine

3d Animators:
Eugen Sinicyn  

3d model scan:

Studioz 3d

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