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Working on ‘Slightly Altered’ project artistic duo Synchrodogs went into a one-month trip across Carpathian Mountains to discover how far people managed to intrude into the territories that were meant to be wild.

People have always been shaping natural forces around them. But is there a limit of resources the Earth would allow us to use? "Slightly Altered" is a reflection on how much we are intertwined with nature - changing the environment, we change ourselves. The project is about interdependency of humans and nature and the new ways the Earth begins to look as a result of our interventions into the environmental processes.

Witnessing these and other intrusions into nature, Synchrodogs have started reflecting upon how much we, like all life, both alter our environment and are altered by it.

Creating installations meant to live for a single day and photographing them before they decay, Synchrodogs’ images preserve vistas that are—sadly—likely to be irrevocably altered by the next generation.




Its a never-ending self-exploration of two artists in context of the unknown. It deals with intuition, subconscious, natural phenomena, some human essence, which is unable to be explained by science, aiming to depart from what is usual or mundane. The project strives to convey artist’s personal insightful sublime experience caused by the natural environment, erasing a line between the real and the imagined.

Shooting Supernatural project Synchrodogs went on a 4000 mile road trip to rediscover its own capacities and energy limits, the way a human can walk into darkness, go straight into unexplored, relying on intuition, go where subconscious leads, and feel safe in the World of the unknown.

As main source of inspiration for acquiring ideas Synchrodogs used their own nighttime meditation technique they developed over the years. With 'Supernatural' project artistic duo recreated visions they managed to see while experimenting with meditation and lucid dreaming techniques, used their own constructed images as a vehicle for erasing the line between the real and the illusive, between the natural and the artificial, between the evident and the unknown, uncovering edges of their own subconscious, using intuition as their main guide.

The Project is commissioned by DallasContemporary


project is based on Synchrodogs’ dreams, those they have seen in drowsiness. Charting that subtle space between wake and sleep - familiar yet remote, the artistic duo have been recording their supernatural visions and then recreating them via photography.

The project deals with the stage of Non Rapid Eye Movement sleep, during which some people may experience hypnagogic hallucinations caused by natural process of falling asleep. Experimenting with those lucid dreaming techniques they usually woke themselves up in the middle of the night to make a note of what they had just seen, gathering their dreams to be staged afterwards.

The Project is created with support of PinchukArtFoundation

NYM Dazed&Confused Oyster


Project is an attempt to keep in mind all basic instincts that come about, reaching for the raw sense of self and intimate relation to the surrounding environment and nature.


The project is a visual portrait of country that brought us up, the country that is one of the biggest ones in Europe still secluded – Ukraine. The life here has always been slow and calm, people doing ordinary things, wearing same clothes they buy on market, meeting to talk about weather. Things changed two years ago when war had come to Eastern Ukraine as that was the moment we felt how remote from others the country could be. The life had literally stopped as if the country was stuck between modern society and its Post-Soviet Union existence. Withdrawn from its safety zone people kept on living their ordinary lives though the feeling of firmness somehow vanished, creating some kind of vacuum where we all strive to become a new independent country.

The project strives to convey Ukraine’s solitary nature showing the paradox of being in the center of events still isolated, being the biggest European country still somehow forceless concerning its own future. The project is also about people facing an inescapable situation, having to live with feeling of uncertainty, even so not letting hopelessness conquer their lives while going through transitional stage of their countries formation.