Synchrodogs is a duo of FINE artists from Ukraine, Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, collaborating since 2008. Together they pursue questions of environmental mindfulness and education via art, investigating the complex relationship of human and nature and the new ways the Earth begins to look like as a result of their fragile codependence, highlighting juxtaposition of natural and artificial, real and surreal via multidisciplinary artistic approach.

Synchrodogs Studio is skilled in developing creative concepts for brands. It offers software and hardware solutions to promote brands expansion and bring innovation via both creativity and tech. Synchrodogs Studio has a vast knowledge in forward-looking technologies including neural networks (ai), virtual production, 3d scanning, animation, cgi, and work in spheres of Art, Science, Psychology and Tech Startups.

The works are available for all kinds of licensing: online and printed media, album covers, advertising, design, also available as limited edition prints. Please contact:

SYNCHRODOGS PROVIDE CURATORIAL WORK and CREATIVE DIRECTION FOR NFT DROPS, SUPPORT COMPANIES WITH WEB3 IMPLEMENTATION. Synchrodogs are active members of Web3 community with successful NFT collections on Superrare, Foundation and Opensea. They were exhibiting artists and speakers of NFT NYC, NFT LA, NFT Paris and Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon since 2021.