Synchrodogs is a duo of FINE artists from Ukraine, Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, collaborating since 2008. Together they pursue questions of environmental mindfulness and education via art, investigating the complex relationship of human and nature and the new ways the Earth begins to look like as a result of their fragile codependence, highlighting juxtaposition of natural and artificial, real and surreal via multidisciplinary artistic approach.

Tsvit 2020

Ruslan Baginskiy Couture


Photographer & Creative Director:

  • Synchrodogs


  • Julie Pelipas

Style Assistant:

  • Daria Krevska


  • Olga Ostapchuk


  • Pavel Lotnik


  • Marina Sandugey-Shyshkina


  • Alexandra Halichieva
  • Bonnie P
  • Valeriia Merzlikina
  • Glowre
  • Polina Bykova
  • Sergiy Kakula

The 'TSVIT' couture collection is a cultural experiment, the experience of restoring forgotten manufacture technologies that were considered archaisms, and their introduction into the modern agenda. The poetic art project 'TSVIT' is a collaboration between the brand, two Ukrainian artists Synchrodogs and stylist Julie Pelipas.

Haute Couture Campaign